Congress Main Topics:

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Congress Main Topics:
1. Persian Medicine
2. History of Medicine in Ancient Persia
3. History of Medicine in Islamic Golden Age

Congress Topics:
1- Medical Sciences in Ancient Times
2- Medicine in Islamic Golden Age (9-13th century AD)
3- History of Contemporary Medicine
4- History of Medicine and Allied Sciences   
     - Medical Paleopathology
     -  Medical History and Literature
     -  Medical History and Astronomy
5- Treatment Methods
6- Medical Sciences in the Perspective of Documents and Manuscripts
7- History of Military Medicine
8- Women and Medical Sciences
9- History of Medical Ethics
10- History of Hospitals and Teaching Medical Centers
11- Dedication in Medical History
12- Medical Biography
13- History of Surgery and Surgical Tools
14- History of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
15- History of Mind Body Medicine
16- History of Public Health
17- Medicine in Islam and other Religions
18- Medical Schools and Ideologies
19- The relationship between Persian Medicine and other Civilizations' Medical Systems
20- Philosophical Foundations Thought in Medical History
21- Medical History's Outcomes for Future
22- Integrative Medicine
23- Ethno Medicine and Pharmacology

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