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According to the decree of the secretariat of the Second International Congress of History of medicine in Iran and Islam, submission of the articles, registration and submission of the abstract of the articles is made only through the website of the Congress, after receiving the username and password on the personal panel for each applicant. It should be noted that abstracts sent to us via fax, e-mail or in paper will not be taken into consideration.
 Abstract of articles are sent to the secretariat through the Congressional website, and after being reviewed, the accepted articles will be announced. Abstracts of articles are acceptable in both Persian and English languages. The abstracts of submitted papers should be submitted in a unstructured summary.
In writing the abstracts, observe the following:
• Submit the abstract and refrain from sending the full article.
• accepted articles are selected based on the quality of the abstract of the article, the research carried out and the novelty of the idea chosen according to the review checklist.
• Any decision on the acceptance and presentation of the paper is the responsibility of the Scientific Committee of Congress.
• In case of any inquiries please contact us by e-mail via You will receive a response within the next 24 hours.
• The corresponding author is responsible for informing other authors.
• The corresponding author is responsible for the scientific and literary aspects of the article.
A summary of the article should be sent that is well-specified at the time of the submission of the paper to the Congress, and is labeled as "the result is being examined" and ... strictly refrained.
 If any of the following is not met, the abstract of the article will be removed from the review process:
• Failure to follow the instructions for submitting abstracts in terms of structure and number of words allowed
• Lack of title, authors’ name and authors’ affiliation
Instructions for summarizing articles:
  1.  All types of articles should include the title of the article, the authors' names and the Affiliates
  2.  To write all the components in the English abstracts, use the B Nazanin font and size 12 and for English articles use Times New Romans font and size 12.
  3.  The title of the article should be written with font B Titr and Times New Romans Bold, size12 for Persian and English abstracts, respectively.
  4.  Authors names should be written with font size 12 and should be underlined.
  5.  Maximum number of words (excluding authors' names and Affiliation) for abstract of articles is 300.
  6.  Use 3-5 keywords.
  7.  Do not use footnotes and references in the text.
Those interested in publishing their full English articles in the “Journal of Research on History of Medicine” can submit their complete English articles along with a summary of the article. The submitted articles will be subject to review for publication in the Journal. It’s an option for Anthers and is not mandatory.
It should be noted that the process of article review is apart from reviewing abstracts and participation in the congress. Full articles are only accepted in English. For information on how to write an article, visit Submitting a full article is not required. If you wish, you can submit your article in English only, observing the principles of writing on the site: ( (In%20Persian).pdf) via the web. Send the congress site.
Schematic and Sample Framework A summary of an acceptable paper is presented below.

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