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Today’s medical achievements are due to scientists and physicians’ efforts in various civilizations around the world. The results of these efforts, experiences, trials and errors of human society are the creation of modern medicine and helping to reduce the patients’ pain. In the meantime, many therapeutic methods, rooted in the history and culture of large nations and civilizations, are still used as traditional and complementary therapies throughout the world which are approved and supported by WHO in integrated manner with conventional medicine.
Meanwhile, recognition of history of medicine and the role of various scholars and civilizations is only possible through research. Research in history of medicine has an interdisciplinary origin and consequently involves various groups of medical sciences, history, literature, linguistics, archeology, and so on.
Undoubtedly, each of the various civilizations has contributed to the history of medicine. One of the most important medical models in history is Persian medicine, which dates back to ancient times, and has been closely linked to other medical civilizations such as Greece, Rome, Egypt and India. This type of medicine flourished in Islamic era, and especially in the era of the golden civilization of Islam (9th-13th centuries) it became one of the major milestones in the history of the medicine throughout the world. The medicine in the Islamic era is regarding the realm and power of the governments at the time; spreads from the westernmost parts of Iran to Africa and Andalusia (Spain), and over time, it reaches many countries such as India. Many of the books of physicians in Islamic civilization such as the Canon of Avicenna and Razi’s Al-havi, were taught as the most important medical resources even in Europe until the 17th Century.
Considering the significance of medicine in the Islamic civilization (Persian medicine) whose roots are found in ancient Iran and even the ancient medical myths of this region, experts, scholars and students in various disciplines from all over the world are invited to participate in the upcoming congress. It is needless to say that the participation of invitees and the presentation of their research will academically enrich this important scientific event in medical history.
Arman Zargaran
Scientific secretary of congress

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